HH Bhakti Visrambha Madhava Swami will be visiting our temple on the following dates:

3-7 of February (Wednesday-Sunday) Morning classes at the temple starting at 7:45am

Wednesday 3rd of Feb 19:00 – evening class at the temple

Thursday 4th of Feb 18:00 – bathing of Maharaj’s personal Govardhana-Silas, followed by class and kirtana

Friday 5th of Feb – 13:00 – first grain ceremony at the temple
18:30 – Mantra night in the Belfast city centre (https://www.facebook.com/kirtanbelfast)

Saturday 6th of Feb – 15:00 Harinama in the city centre (Victoria Square)
19:00 House programme at Ramya’s place

Classes will be in the form of questions and answers, so would be great if you could prepare yours